Ram Pump Mysteries

In trying to commission the new improved ram pump, I could not get the pump to cycle.  After some discussion with Phillip (who has one himself), I opened up the pressure chamber and increased the inner tube pressure.  To do this I had to shut off all the valves, and when reassembling I forgot to open up the output valve.  Despite this, the pump started cycling!  I was temporarily pleased until I realised I hadn't opened the delivery valve, which brings the water up the hill!

When I realised what I had done, I opened the delivery valve and all stopped.  I tried manually cycling for several minutes (which involves pushing down on the check valve until water gushes up vertically, and then releasing it).  I managed to get a refreshing shower in cold spring water, but the pump wouldn't cycle more than a few times before sticking in the closed position, whcih also happened with the previous pump.  I tried cutting down the intake volume by partially closing that valve but it didn't help.

The next step I think is either to decrease the pressure in the inner tube, or to increase the weight on the check valve.