New season, new learning

“Is it all worth it? If we do our best to heal the Earth and make our place in her a sustainable one, is there a good chance that we will succeed?…to my mind that’s the wrong question. Even if we could answer it – and we can never know anything about the future for certain, it would beg the question How do I want to live my life? So my answer to the that I want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem”.
-- Patrick Whitefield ‘Earth Care Manual’

Launch of new FREE Permaculture Skills Exchange

Organic & Permaculture instructor Suzie Cahn, along with a wide panel of tutors, have launched a new Permaculture Skills Exchange based in 3 centres in Glenealy, Co Wicklow.  Aimed at the unemployed or recently graduated and taught on a voluntary basis, it will cover topics such as Organic Vegetable Production, Food Forests, Cob Building, Woodland Skills and Management, Bee Friendly Bee-Keeping, Orchards and Composting.  The focus is on Land Use & Natural Building, grounded in Permaculture Design for Living Systems.  Registration opens on Sept 12th 2011, and is limited to 20 participants, who will also be able to avail of relevant volunteer & placement opportunities afterwards.  For more information, download the brochure or contact the course administrator.

Permaculture Design Class

Suzie Cahn is again teaching Permaculture Design this Autumn.  This course is a low cost evening class, and will be given in Glenealy this year.  For more information, contact us.

Overwintering garlic & onions

If you want Garlic or Onions for autumn planting, the order deadline is this Tuesday, 6 Sept 2011.  Please order online asap, as we will not be carrying extra stock of these beyond what people order.

OOOOBY Box Scheme

We hit a record and our target for this year, with 25 boxes last week!  There's still time to join and get fresh local seasonal veg, or maybe you'd like to contribute your ideas and energy to growing the scheme? 


Mike & Suzie Cahn -