Istvan Markuly

Istvan is a professional Permaculture designer providing Permaculture design consultancy; supporting growers, restaurants, private properties, hotels, farms, and community development to become more productive and independent.

He is currently working on establishing and growing the permaculture network in West Cork, Ireland where he is based, while also initiating permaculture waves across the country!

His passion is to integrate Permaculture design into the education systems through identifying needs and supporting connections. To this end, he gives talks & provids workshops through local groups such as G.I.Y, local educational systems, and the community projects and he is immersed in local voluntary community development projects; waste management, water harvesting, food waste and food rescue, community forestry, fairshare favour exchange, community gardens, and school gardens.

His own direction and focus at the moment is teaching permaculture and deeper understanding of soil biology as a part of the overall design process. He has taken PDC’s and Permaculture workshops internationally, and continues to grow his knowledge.