Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch is a permaculture designer living & working from home in the Muscraí Gaeltacht, Cork.

He has an engineering background and previously worked in medical device R&D, solar industry in Ireland & Spain, engineering drawing and environmental research.

Spent circa 5 years doing voluntary work on the Shell to Sea campaign in Mayo inadvertently developing expertise in community campaigning & living, direct action organising and training, site planning, off-grid renewable energy.

Has had a keen interest in permaculture since 2006 and did his first design course in 2010.

Paul designs sites of any size and has experience designing sites from backyard size up to farm-scale.

He also provides orchard pruning & grafting service in Cork and a drone mapping service which is also available as a stand-alone product for other designers & farmers.

He's looking forward to meet you all in Wicklow  : )